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Stand out from the crowd and get results faster. This deposit will show video experts you are serious about your project which will get it to production faster. By depositing USD $35.00 one of our Digital Managers will personally assist you to ensure the best video expert is assigned to achieving your goal and make sure you get the best results saving you time.

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We offer a growing library of stock animations, stock video clips, music, 3D models, After Effects and Apple Motion templates that can be used in your project. Simply search and select the clips you want by adding them to your cart, and they are ready to be used in your project or immediately available for download.

There is a wide range of stock video clips available, varying from wide shots to medium close-up shots to extreme close-ups. Stock footage can help video-editors/videographers convey a story to the audience.

The majority of the clips are provided in in high-definition, with some clips also available in 2K and 4K resolutions, which means you don’t need to worry about small resolution sizes in your productions, allowing you to focus on making great videos. For video editors who do not need high-definition quality, there are options that allow you to downsize the clips to a lower resolution. Rates may vary depending on video resolution/type of video.


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