Video Marketing Success: What does it look like?

Sometimes even the most ingenious text fails to capture a large audience. This is why video advertisement platforms are on the rise and video marketing sucess stories are multiplying rapidly. And behind every viral marketing campaign, there's a story.

Want to stay one step ahead?

Let's take look at some of most successful viral video marketing case studies:

HubSpot – This world's leading marketing company specializes in inbound marketing. With HubSpot software, you can optimize your website or learn how to work with social media marketing.
They also offer conference hosting, consulting services and HubSpot certification programs. Over 15,000 companies use their platform and have seen major results in viral marketing campaigns.
The key to their success? They do it all: from creating content, optimization and social media advertising, to landing pages and personalized websites. Their main focus is on making videos with more conversions than views. One of the viral marketing examples is AmeriFirst success story.

Another video marketing case study is Taulia, a management solutions company. Their humorous approach makes video marketing campaigns imaginative and entertaining.

They are in charge of creating real contact with the customers by showing actual B2B (business to business) problems and solutions. 73% of B2B marketers say video marketing enhanced their results, and Taulia can provide you with compelling viral video marketing strategies for a difinitive engagement with clients.

SAP's Youtube Channel has it all including expert personalized outreach and categorized content. If you read some of the available statistics regarding visual content marketing and the trends in 2016, you will clearly see that the best viral marketing campaigns revolve around video content.

SAP's achievement lies in short, engaging videos, which increases the chances of viewers staying connected to the content and watching until the end.

Quirky music in their videos also plays a huge role in delivering the best results in video marketing; it's creative innovations like these that help businesses get noticed.

According to video advertising facts, as long as you have a high quality, online video marketing strategy, your service income will blossom. SAP follows exactly these steps.

Oracle Eloqua gives marketers the solutions they've been waiting for. The targeted audience is hooked from the start with the help of animated video. They've even indroduced a character called,'Modern Mark' to interact with their customers.

Furthermore, the Eloqua videos are not just single videos, but series of four episodes. By using animation, voice-overs and video installments, they've created the perfect viral video marketing strategy for growing an extensive public following on Youtube. People strive to see something different; why not try this kind of approach?

By developing and implemeting a viral video marketing campaign, maybe your business will be the next big video market success story.

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