Video Distribution

What needs to be considered when selecting the right distribution channel for a video marketing campaign?

You should start thinking of a distribution channel as soon as you start working on your video.When choosing a distribution channel for a video marketing campaign it is important to know who your target audience is and where they spend their time online. Start with a web-based host that suits your needs and if the video is successful, consider expanding.

What are some great strategies for distributing and promoting a video?

The best way to make sure your video gets a lot of exposure is to get as many people as possible to host it on their website and share it on their social media. Send a newsletter to your email list, find blogs that would be interested in the video to get them to host it on their site, and make your video easy to share on other social media platforms, as well as to embed.

What are some tips for maximizing a videos exposure?

Don’t start off trying to make a viral video – there’s no clear recipe. Instead, focus on making it short and engaging, and then easy to share and embed. Also, make sure it’s properly search engine optimized so that people can find it easily. If you have enough resources, it would be best to invest in paid advertising to make sure you reach your audience in a content-overloaded world.

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