What is a Voice Over?

A voice over is simply a piece of narration that accompanies your video. To record a voice over, there are numerous steps, including matching the script to your message, finding the perfect voice for your brand, and editing it just right. The voice over is intended to enhance your video message and create a stronger connection with your target audience.

Some businesses already have, or plan to purchase, the equipment necessary to record a high quality voice over. This includes the microphone, accessories, software, etc. Other companies outsource the voice overs to freelancing and videographer sites. Either way, having a professional voice over added to your video increases its effectiveness and quality.

Why Do You Need a Voice Over for Your Video Project?

Having a voice over done for your video accomplishes many things:
  • It helps to convey a sense of objectivity, by having a professional voice talk about your message, product or services.
  • It provides filler content for any gaps between interviews and footage.
  • A voice over will maintain one voice through the whole video to add cohesiveness.

How to Record a Voice Over

If you plan on creating your own voice over in your office or studio, follow these steps to ensure you have included all the necessary voice over recording techniques:

Find a good room and do some tests for audio quality.

Set up your microphone, device, headphones and any other accessories you want.

Open up your DAW (audio recording software) and set your levels.

Find the right microphone position by testing.

Get mentally prepared for the session’s performance.

Record the narration using prepared voice over scripts.

Listen back and take notes of what needs editing.

Begin the editing process to remove mistakes or unnecessary narration.

Adjust the tone of voice with EQ spectrum analyzer software.

Eliminate background noise between phrases using a noise gate.

Use a compressor to make your voice sound more consistent.

Export the recording as an audio file.

Synch your video voice over.

How Do I Learn More About Video Editing for Voice Overs?

If you’re interested in creating your own video voice overs but have little or no experience, there are plenty of online sources for video editing course that will help you get started. Most of them have a free trial period so you can check them out before paying a monthly fee.

What If I Still Need Help?

You will have no problem finding expert voice over talent online. Here are three examples of places to hire talented professionals for your voice over project:
  • Fiverr – Choose from hundreds of artists or ‘gigs’ to find your perfect voice. Features include putting your job out to bid and selecting the perfect candidate with the right amount of experience for your project. Many times you can find very low rates on Fiverr.
  • VoiceJungle.com – This active site promotes their fast turnaround times and guaranteed work for their professional voice over service. They offer a flat rate for ad voice overs (for instance, $90.00 per two minutes), plus additional fees for editing and music addition.
  • Valoso.com – Our freelance site is dedicated to videography and video editing of all kinds for video creators and marketers in every niche. Naturally, this would be the best place to go for expertise, and rates can vary among freelance professionals.

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